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Wed, Mar. 22nd, 2006, 05:21 pm
2 MOre

ok so my weeks have been up and down
ive gone for an interview with hollister
and yeah they havent called me back
so today i called them and they said to reapplay when i turn 17

just 2 more weeks
im excited
but i have no idea what to do for my birthday
have a party?
go out to dinner?
have a sleepover?
to many choices!!!!

yesturday i pretended to be sick
and oh my gosh it was great
yes fabulous-o
i slept for hours
and then i ate
and slept for more hours
while you guys were at school
awake and cooled
and doing work
pash* work is for babys

i have no clue whats up with that last paragraph
lol anyhoo
schools going good
i have an A+ in precal
im at the top of my class baby
yeah suprisingly biology [which im really good at]
i have a D-
so ive been paying attension and doing ALL my work
going to class more

i miss my friends alot but
i dont want to go
just seeing her will bring back the horriabl memmorie
erg* i hate how i cant go to church
well can but i just pull myself away
i mean i still go to church
but i just go to my moms church
not mine..

i will like to give a shout out to all the ARIES
2 more weeks til i can re-apply to hollister
2 more weeks till i can start preparing for driving
2 more weeks till i can get another hour put on for my curfew
2 more weeks and a year til im 18 and i get to feel the freedom
the freedom of ..of something lol that freedom
2 more weeks till my birthday:)

Sat, Feb. 18th, 2006, 07:52 am

i think i shall be the first to write about what happened at the asb ball

well to start
the asb ball was alot of FUN
time went by REALLY FAST
probably because we showed up an hour late:P
but it was all good
i danced with alot of my friends
and even the old
lol i liked that the best:)
but i did feel like i was a bad date
i was dancing more with all of my friends but him
i dont know why i treated him like that
i know i shouldnt have..
i dont know?

as i get my rest from party-ing hardcore last night
[plus drinking mountian dew which i must say so myself
-is a fantastic soda that hydrates you and gives you energy]
i am now preparing to get ready to snowboard Across the World
..not really "across the world" part more like big bearlol
im so excited!!!!!

Mon, Feb. 13th, 2006, 03:56 pm

well february has been very intriguing
from KP
to the Winter dance concert
and now the asb ball
i dont know
i feel like everything has drained me
i was happy that my oldest brother saw me dance
and now im sick with the cold AGIAN!!!
life is a butt
as i go through life
ive experianced so many wonderful things
with my friends and family
but somehow
ive never really had a say in things
an old friend told me that i need to say whats on MY mind
and believe what i believe
and at first i thought she was nuts
im mean who goes off and says that
.. but i realized shes right
i mean i never really go for what i want
im allways affriad
affriad and scared of what might happen
and that it would turn out bad
but i shouldnt be affriad
i want to live life to my fullest
not always doing what im told to do or think
this is my life
and i can do whatever i want
and i can believe and say whatever i want
i dont want to allways be affriad

Tue, Jan. 31st, 2006, 08:46 pm
winter craze<<

ok so the winter dance concert is coming up next week and im all ready tired of dancing
i want to sleep.. my eyes are getting droppy..
lol but yeah you guys should go because i saw some of the dances already and they're very cool
i must say so myselflol
this weekend
KP "yay"
im so excited:D
i get to be very hardcore in balinese
then change to preppy tahitian girl shaking my hips[FACT: tahitian you do not shake butt we shake our hips!!!]
ahhh i still havnt found my asb ball dress
scared sad hyper mad..not really i just wanted to add some words hehe
hopefully i get to go up to orange county though
im excited!!!!!!!!!!

Tue, Jan. 24th, 2006, 04:14 pm
dress hunt

ahhhh another entry
im trying to back in this..
so my week has been bueno
ive been trying to find a dress for the asb ball
so far i have 2 dresses[i get very picky when it comes to dresses]
one of the dresses is in orange county and i really want that dress
but i doupt it will be there
i asked my mom if i could go up there and she was ok with that..
so if anyone wants to go up to THE *OC* with me let me know and we can chill up there
and have fun!

lol well i feel kinda bleh right now..
because i feel like ive lost [something or someone i dont really know?]
and i hate that feeling
but i feel like i have a chance
then i dont
i dont know?
im confused and i wish i knew

i bet im confusing you guys huh?
lol sorry

later gangsters<3

Sat, Jan. 21st, 2006, 08:37 am
sitting and waiting..

wow i havent updated in all most a year!!!
i decided to come to this because i cant say things on stupid myspace without anyone reading it

well so far my life has been chill
ive hungout with people and had just plain old' good times
but since this is a new year i want to do things differently
i figured out what my new years resolution is going to be..

to live life to the FULLEST!!!

i dont want to sit around doing nothing
or wait for someone to come around..
well that i dont know about that?
for that im just sitting and waiting.

the asb ball is coming and of course everyone is trying to get a date
but for me im wondering if i should even go or not
that ill have to contemplate for a whilelol

have a fabulous weekend,
or months depending on when i update this or not

Wed, Mar. 30th, 2005, 04:23 pm

hey guys..
well the mexico trip was awesome. i had a blast getting to know everybody even more and plus i got a farmers tan!!! on this trip i was hoping to really change my life but i realized it cant, because that trip wasnt supposse to be about me. i learned something there.. when we had VBS for the last day, a little girl came up to me and asked for my autograph..it was really randomed but i thought it was so cute! then we started to talk even though i cant speak spanish for poop, i still got to know her. and at the end of that day we became "amigas!" i havnt noticed this until now, but friendship is one of the domminate ways to guide you to God! that little girl showed me that!!! i hope you all learned something there:D
ok so now on to my side life.. i'm turing 16 on tuesday next week! i'm excided..a little but that weekend matt and i are going to get job applications to earn some moolah plus responsiblity!!! i'm thinking about american eagle or hollister cuz i love those places.. my friend got a job at sea world for the summer as a ticket girl so i'm thinking about applying there too! that would be awesome..i would swim with the fishys.. but i was actually thinking if i got a job there i would dance, then i could wear those crazy costumes!!! now that would cool!!!
well next year i'm thinking if i should go to valhalla..? i dont know, but i need to find out soon. hehe next year when i turn 17 i'm having a SUPER SWEET 17!!! you guys are ALL invided!!! right now i'm thinking of the theme and if i should have a court or not! i cant wait:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
bye bye <3

Wed, Mar. 9th, 2005, 04:56 pm

i'm bored..:(

Sat, Feb. 26th, 2005, 10:17 am

  Toyota RAV4

ok so yesturday i was bored so i desided to checkout some cars i might get.. i like this one alot!!!!

 2005 mercedes-benz:) i'm in love

 now this is perfect for me!!! i can go up to big bear anytime i want(unless i have school) and go snowboarding:):):) "yaya"

i cant wait when i'm 17!!!!:D


Mon, Feb. 21st, 2005, 05:53 pm

so on friday night i had my school's dance from like 8 to 12 am. it was so great!!! i had a blast with all of my friends and i got my favorite desert..chocolate strawberries if you dont know! i got my hair done and boy did my hair look hugde!!! like really...hugde.. anyhoo maura came over to my house then we went to pick up brittney and in that amount of time we had allready had taken about 1000 pictures just with 3 cameras!!! i know parents can be crazy... so me maura and brittney ate at the sheraton then we WERE going to ride in the elevator but we desided to wait for teri and katie!!! then we got to the dance took pictures then danced the night away until 12 am hit and thats when the dance was over and i slept over at brittney's to talk more about what just happened.. on saturday my ab's were hurting and my head was killing me so me and brittney went to jamba juice (brittney drove cuz i still dont have my license until i turn 17) but my head stopped and blah blah blah... sunday came and i was about to go to the Relient K concert but i had car problems so i didnt go...errr i hate cars..not really i just hate the ones that break down!!!! ok well thats all until next week or sometime..i dont know?...bye:D

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